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I love serving the Lord along side my wonderful husband and best friend who just happens to also be my Worship Pastor. I am a stay at home homeschooling mom of 5 kids, two of which are blessings we adopted from Haiti.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

What is it about Wednesdays?

I don't know what it is but Wed. seem exceptionally hard around here. I guess it is the whole middle of the week thing. By the time we make it to church on Wed. nights I am sure that I look as frazzled as I feel. The boys seem to be into everything! I have put so many locks on things that we are about as secure as Fort Knox! Of course, leave it to C to figure out that if he pulls on the refrigerator hard enough he can pop the lock right open. Today I had to add another lock to the list since I can't seem to keep everyone out of the office/ guest room. I guess there are too many interesting things in there. I thought J was doing pretty good on hoarding until I went upstairs to clean up a cutting mess and remove the photo that he had glued to his bedroom wall (I told him we could buy a frame and hang it the proper way!) I thought I would go through his dresser to make sure there were no more scissors or glue when I found all kinds of goodies mingled amongst his clothes. I am telling you that boy is better than a metal detector he is finding things I thought I had lost for good a year ago. Throughout the day he randomly brings me odds and ends.
I almost feel like I am going through some of the things I remember going through as a new mom. One of these things is feeling like I can't get a shower in. I am too afraid someone is going to burn the house down. One of the days last week, I went to shower only to find myself moments later racing down the stairs to see what was all the commotion. J had decided to help me by mopping the floor and H came running around the corner only to find herself floor bound. Today, C decided to pour a bottle of laundry detergent on the floor and ice skate around on the soap. Now I am not talking a 30 min. shower. I may never have the opportunity to shave my legs again! Needless to say, it will take a few more rounds with the mop to get the slick residue off the tile. I am open for suggestions if someone has a good home remedy for that.